TPS X9 2516 digital cutting machine

TPS digital cutting machine X9/2516
Configurations & Features:
* Assembled frame of cutting table
* Working area: 1600*2500mm
* Vac-sorb Almagest alloy platform
* Double tool calibrating devices ( Fiber laser/ pressure sensitive cutting depth calibration
* 1.8 kw CNC router module with automatically tool changer, touching type tool calibration device, 60,000 rpm and vacuum cleaning system included
* Yaskawa brand servo motors and drivers
* High definition camera for detecting registration marks and QR code scan
* Safety anti-collision system
* 6 vacuum air zones
* Auto focus height detector combining with TPS software for tabletop mapping, cutting height compensation, material thickness auto-measuring and automatic edge-finding and positioning functions.
* G-code file support
* 3D engraving and cutting
* Over-cut preventing function
* RIP files support: caldera, onyx, Sai, etc.
* Nesting function built-in TPS software
* File management system
* Production cost estimation template
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