Signs & Graphics

TPS supports high-quality and efficient cutting of advertising materials, such as advertising stickers, labels, flags, banners, facade signs, etc. Modular tool options meet the multifunctional needs of the advertising industry for processing

signage application


Signs are a very prominent display form, which can effectively attract people’s attention. The processing of signs not only needs accuracy, but also ensures excellent cutting edges. TPS will provide you with high quality and efficient production 


vinyl sticker

Stickers & Dicals

All kinds of self-adhesive stickers have become important products in the printing industry, and will be used in the fields of advertising signs and automobile decoration, whether half cut or full cut. TPS can meet the highest requirements for accuracy, quality and production efficiency

banner application

Flags and banners

Flags and banners, scrolls and curtain walls, textile advertising has become indispensable. TPS can provide you with high-quality and efficient solutions for textile advertising materials for the large area and customized shape of materials.


POP display


Displays is an advertising method that can quickly attract attention at the point of sale. In the face of diversified shapes and assembly methods, TPS provides you with customized solutions through convenient software and modular tools.


TPS digital cutting machine

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