With TPS modular design cutting system and auto-processing scheme, you can continuously improve your demand for economic efficiency of packaging production. TPS can meet the needs quickly and flexibly, whether it is for short-run production or sample make.

corrugated box tps cutting machine

Corrugated box

The processing range of TPS includes A flute to F flut corrugated paper. Whether it is vertical corrugated paper board or honeycomb paper board, it can be cut accurately and efficiently. It allows you to quickly produce sample prototypes in batches.


transparent PVC box TPS cutting machine

PVC box

TPS’s digital cutting machine allows you to easily process plastic packages that are harder than cartons, while interchangeable cutting tools can also achieve rapid and flexible transformation.



Foam insert

Foam inserts are ideal to protect items while they are in storage or transportation. It’s normally included in hard packages. TPS digital cutting system is the perfect solution for customzied foam cutting. 




display packaging tps cutting machine

Displays packaging

Today’s commodity packaging has diversified appearance, which makes the commodity more attractive. Highly personalized requirements make the products updated at a high speed. With TPS digital cutting technology, your packaging production can maintain a high degree of flexibility.



TPS digital cutting machine

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