About TPS

 With more than 20 years experience

on machinery industry

TPS automation is recognized for its high-quality flatbed finishing cutters which provide companies in printing, sign-making, textile, industrial and packaging industries with the most innovative cutting solutions.

Your partner in digital cutting

Established in 2003, TPS Automation Co,. Ltd offers the best digital cutting solutions with precision, performance, and reliability to varies industries worldwide over 15 years. TPS customer base consists in many different industries, including graphics, packaging, garment, leather, and composites etc. By focusing on innovating the product and improving the service, TPS enables to increase customers’ productivity and profitability. TPS is dedicated to meeting and exceeding customers’ and business partners’ expectations and further enhancing the credibility of TPS worldwide.

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Hangzhou TPS Automation Co,. Ltd.
No. 59, Luxiao road, Zhuji,
Shaoxing city, Zhejiang China

Tel: (0086) 19106790517

Email: info@tpscutter.com