Nowdays, the requirement for customization in the clothing industry is rising, and digitalization and automation are the future trends. Digital cutting system makes sample production faster and easier than before. Accurate and automatic cutting meets personalized style and customized small batch production. TPS will bring your processing and production to the future.

garment sample maker


Apparel samples play an important role in production. TPS digital cutting machine can help you quickly complete sample processing and show it to customers. Get feedback from customers can immediately improve the design. It greatly reduces the development time and cost.


fashion cloth

Fashion clothing

In today’s clothing design, digitalization has become the mainstream, the market continues to pursue personalization and customization, and the product life cycle continues to shrink. TPS precision automatic cutting machine helps you make rapid transformation in the rapidly changing style changes.




In the field of sportswear, the production scale needs to be continuously expanded. TPS can provide you with efficient assembly line production, so that your production can find a perfect balance between highly customized and mass production.


fabric furniture

Fabric furniture

The small-series and custom-made furniture helps manufacturers to capitalize on new opportunities, TPS digital cutting machine is the perfect solution for short run production for customized furniture.



TPS digital cutting machine

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