Lightweight and high-strength composite materials have become indispensable in today’s industrial production. TPS digital cutting machine can meet the production needs of cutting materials with maximum accuracy and realizing rapid, intelligent and other requirements.

aerospace composite material digital cutting machine


Lightweight and high-strength materials have been indispensable in today’s aerospace production. In the aerospace field, the size of weight is extremely important. Composites can significantly reduce weight while maintaining high strength.



Now higher, faster and stronger is also the pursuit of sports parts production. TPS can cut efficiently whether it is a carbon fiber bicycle or a glass fiber racket.


automobile carbon fiber part cutting machine


Composite materials have the characteristics of light weight, high strength and good stiffness, which make their application in automotive parts very popular. TPS digital cutting system can provide you with high-quality solutions in the pursuit of ultimate performance and reliability.



shipbuilding glass fiber cutting machine


Composite material especially reinforced glass fiber are chosen in shipbuilding for a long period of time. TPS digital cutting machine provides you with efficient and accurate cutting scheme, customized dimension up to 11m available for composite application.



TPS digital cutting machine

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